The Survival Kit for any Fashionista July 25 2012, 1 Comment

How do you determine what you need and what you don't need when shopping? If you have money to just fling around then sure, this may not be a problem. But if you are a student, part-time employee,  have your own apartment in the busy city of LA, and also a shopaholic, this may not be the easiest thing to do. Recently I had a life changing experience that helped me figure out what is worth my hard earned dollar, and what I could live without till I am a famous journalist for Vogue (my dream!) Opening my fridge I noticed I was low on some staple foods, and after taking a shower realized I was low on some beauty essentials. So I got ready and made my way to my local Super Target. I walked in with only the intentions of getting what I needed, but somehow I ended up in the shoe department. This is when I saw them: grey acid washed, laced wedge boots. And even better, they were on sale for $25.50. Oh and look, just in my size. I quickly grabbed the box of shoes, tucked them under my arm, and made my way to the shampoo aisle. But something made me feel guilty, and suddenly my closet popped in my head. I had shoes similar to this, only in black. But these were grey, and on sale!!! Then I thought about my gas tank, and how my Jeep Cherokee was guzzling twice the amount of gas because of the hot weather. The next thing that came to mind was my laptop, which has been freezing on me more than once on a daily basis. And finally, my new, empty apartment with hardly any furniture ran through my head. All of these things seemed to be much higher on my list of priorities, than these shoes. Although $25.50 is a  small amount, it's something that would make a difference. Having a living and dining room set was more important than these shoes. Having a working laptop was more important than these shoes; I'm a journalism student and blogger for goodness sake! And having a form of transportation was more important than making these shoes my ....30th addition to my closet. So I put them back, got the items I came for, and left. And guess what? I survived.

So to help you figure out what is okay to splurge on and what is not, I made a list of top essentials one may need when living a busy life...

The moto-jacket. These things never seem to go out of style, which is what makes it okay to splurge on one that you know will last you a long time. It's an item that always spruces up a boring outfit, and keeps you still looking chic on those chilly nights out. 


This may not be the most glamorous of things, but having a safety emergency kit around is always something to think about. It is completely okay to be a book and street smart babe. Some men find that attractive ladies!


Where I live, the water is a tad bit questionable to drink. So I find it handy to keep a few water bottles with filters built in them on me at all times. It keeps me healthy and hydrated. 



If your day is going to be filled with meetings, photo-shoots, events, etc. a miniature steamer is a must to keep you looking your best. First impressions mean everything, and depending on who you are meeting, those wrinkles can be your worse enemy. 


A big pet peeve of mine, being late. I used to wear watches because they were cute and added to my outfit, even though sometimes they didn't work. After having people asking me what time it was, and having my response always be "my watch doesn't work" I decided to invest in a nice watch that is versatile with most of my closet.



This one makes me laugh, because I am that girl who is constantly getting lost. I'm surprised I even make it home sometimes...seriously. Living in L.A. with all these little cross streets and what not, I found it highly beneficial to get a little GPS for myself. This kind of goes in hand with the watch. Save yourself some time AND embarrassment by making it to your destination, and on time.