My Coffee Hotspot July 18 2012, 1 Comment

Fashion is high up on my list of things I love. Another thing, would be coffee. I am obsessed with drinking it so much that I am convinced it runs through my veins rather than blood. Like fashion, it's just one of those things that keeps me going through my day. Although I cherish my city, (Los Angeles) I like to travel. Usually every Summer I make a trip to one of my second favorite places to visit, San Francisco. It's always such a chill environment. With coffee being one of my favorite things, I figured I would share with you one of my places I go to every time I visit. It's trendy, environmentally friendly, and supports every aspect of their community; it is called Spikes's Coffee & Teas. My favorite drink is the Houseblend Fancy. I hope you guys go and try it out if you ever do make your way to the bay.